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• We test each and every samples provided by customers. • We collect proper details of samples by the testing process. • We derive proper output and generate required reports.

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24thMar, 2018

Shrimp pond bottom

Bottom of a shrimp pond after the harvest (i.e., after the water has been drained and the shrimp have been collected) on a shrimp farm, showing a toxic sludge containing pyrite (FeS2). Contamination of a pool with Pyrite leads to stunted growth of the shrimp and increased mortality rates, and the cultivation of plankton (as

24thMar, 2018

Turbo aerator

“Turbo aerator” is used on a shrimp farm. Two horsepowers. Visible is only the air intake; the aerator paddles one meter below the water surface. To avoid stirring up sediments from the pool bottom, the water depth should be at least 1.5 m.